My Truck Stole Me

I woke up in my self the other day in ancient Anchorage Alaska and downtown Nashville Tennessee without a shirt and just one shoe. I immediately knew I drank too much and I was hit again. I then tried to think of what it was that did it this time and after a short investigation I concluded that My Truck Stole Me.

I Beerfested to the scene of the crime and it was all there. I found that I didnt blackout from drinking because the bottle was still occupied which led me to realize I was not drunk at that time. I found my possessions minus a shirt and just one shoe.

Once I discovered my backpack I remembered and saw it all so clearly. My last memories were of drinking vodka, a sing-a-long and minute recreational drug usage. Everything happened as it had the only explanation I have currently on this 27th of April 2021 is My Truck was up to her new tricks and I had been had.

Strangers were coming up to me talking about their new shoes or how their truck was acting up. I knew what time it was right then. Every time I speak too freely things rapidly deteriorate situationally as a retaliation for embarrassment and disrespect due to self talk. I never learned that high school shit because there is a language barrier. What am I to do when I am mistaken for a yocal and a Job to their HANDS?

My family dynamics are so intricate that we quality control check and test the system in the realest possible ways. Along the way we evidently fell to thievery and ostracism to mitigate undisputed victories. I DONT DO ANYTHING. My Truck loves that one, Haha. It seems extreme to you but when your family it’s tough cover up love. Cannot remember that last part though. How many times I’ve won. I D K

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